Mission no.: Act II
Mission 1
Target Ollie Goodwin
Location(s) Hobotown
Conditions of
mission failure
T-Bone dies
Tobias dies
T-Bone gets spotted
Preceded by Needs of the Few
Followed by Illusions
"So if you're fishing for Fixers… what am I? Bait?"


The mission starts with a cutscene that Tobias and T-Bone talks. Then both get in a car and T-Bone drives them to Hobotown. Then T-Bone makes Tobias walk and tails him for potential fixer threats. As they get in the Hobotown, a hobo -that haven't got a ctOS record- threatens Tobias and tries to kill him, Tobias scares and escapes to his shop, as T-Bone shoots the Hobo. Then T-Bone goes to Tobias and tries to make him go out, but he doesn't. Then a group of fixers come but T-Bone kills them using both his guns and armed ctOS cameras that Tobias modified. Afterwards, a fixer escapes but T-Bone downloads his GPS data and finds that he goes to a port a lot as the mission ends.


  • Reach Hobotown
  • Profile suspects for potential threats.
  • Kill the fixer.
  • Reach Tobias's hideout.
  • Hack
  • Chase the Fixer and retrieve his GPS data.


  • The NPC that gets into a car by Hobotown sets off the car's alarms when he gets into the vehicle.

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