Not to be confused with the Watch Dogs 2 DLC mission of the same name.

Bad Medicine is the 6th mission of the DLC Watch Dogs: Bad Blood.


After Tobias tracked fixers to a creepy mansion, he tells T-Bone that he (Tobias) is not going there and tells him to not get killed or tortured. When T-Bone arrives to the mansion, he kills the fixers there and reaches to the mole (Alex Javorski). Mole gives T-Bone the Blume Contractors name (Alex Javorski). Then T-Bone calls the cops and says "one of their PI's got shot" and gives Alex a P-9mm and says Alex to "shot them (Fixers) in the face". Then T-Bone escapes both Police and Fixers from the basement. Then T-Bone leaves the area by a boat.


  • Reach the opposite shore with a boat.
  • Approach the mansion.
  • Find Alex Javorski's room.
  • Talk to Alex Javorski.
  • Leave the area.
  • Escape the police.


  • In the basement of mansion, there is a room that two corpses lay. These corpses are actually two of the Missing Persons that can be found in the main game.

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