Backstage Pass
Backstage Pass
Story / CTOS Control Center Mission
Game Watch Dogs
Part of story Act 1, Mission 5
Unlocked by completing Foresight
Unlocks Hacking Contract
I'm looking at the network as we speak. You've got your access, and I've got mine. Profiler system's online, everybody's nasty little secrets at the click of a button.
Aiden Pearce to BadBoy17

Backstage Pass is the fifth storyline mission in Watch Dogs, and the first CTOS control center mission.

Mission plot

Aiden arrives at the CTOS center, which is protected by heavy security from Blume. Aiden identifies a guard with the access code for the server's room. Aiden then hacks the control center using the code. He accesses one of the cameras inside the room, and uses it to hack the main computer and get access to the CTOS inside the Loop district.

Aiden calls BadBoy17 to inform him about the CTOS. He then says that he is going to trace Aiden's call. Aiden then receives a call from Jordi, who has a driving contract for Aiden.

Mission objectives

  • Locate a guard with the access code.
  • Hack the guard with the access code.
  • Use access code to reach the servers.
  • Leave the area.


  • There are two guards with fixed profiles, though their incomes are still randomized:
    • The guard with the server access code: Bobby Ames, Hobbyist Helicopter Pilot, Occupation: Chief Security Contractor.
    • The guard with the hidden camera by the server box: Justin Arco, Under tax audit, Occupation: Blume Security Contractor.

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