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Automata is a side mission in Watch Dogs 2, added in the Human Conditions DLC.


Wrench calls Marcus and asks to meet up on a rooftop on Russian Hill. After bantering for a minute, they watch a keynote address given by Azzam Parad, the Vice President of R&D at Nudle. The keynote introduces a new secured, self-driving smart car. He mentions that the car's biometrics system will be connected to CTOS. Marcus then finds out the car's biometric systems use "lifescores" to determine who should live in case of an accident, with criteria including employment, income, education, age, race, and even gender.

With the help of T-Bone and Sitara, Marcus and Wrench plan to steal the car, whilst gathering information on the news station where the car is being held. Needing the keys to the biometric lock, Marcus invades Azzam's house, gathering retina scans and voice files needed to unlock the car. Stealing the car, Marcus ends up in a police chase, from trying to gain manual control of the car, to defending himself from the SFPD.

After hacking the car and gaining control, Marcus gets access to the lifescores code through his Profiler, indicating if a person is a low, medium, or high priority and worth caring for. Upon Marcus inquiring where Wrench had been during these proceedings, Wrench reveals that, in the confusion, he had somehow hijacked the WKZ-TV studio and broadcast, and proceeds to jokingly act out a news broadcast by himself.