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Driver SF Mission
Game Watch Dogs 2
Unlocks N/A
Followers Gained 6600-11000
Money Gained $2880-$9600
Difficulty Star Star Star Star Shaded Star Shaded

Auto-Nomous! is a Driver SF mission in Watch Dogs 2.


After picking up your client, start the race as soon as possible, ignoring the three Nudle cars for the most part (although you’re racing against them). Instead, concentrate on the archway waypoint objectives ahead of you.

Use a vehicle that’s fast but proficient at handling, as there are some tight turns throughout the race. Use boost between waypoints. Use remote vehicle hacking if you must, though this race is easily won if you simply follow the course on your minimap. Try for a finish time of around 01:45 or less.


  • 1. Outside Tidis Building, Silicon Valley.
  • 2. Grounds of Stanford University, Silicon Valley.


  • Pick up the client.
  • Get to the starting line.
  • Wait for the race to start.
  • Race our future robot overlords.

Starting Conditions

Condition Requirement
Complete Mission None
Night or Day Night

Possible Rating Drop

Condition Rating Loss?
Civilians Killed Yes
Vehicle Collisions Yes
Chases Started Yes
Minimum Safe Speed Below 10 km/h; Yes
Maximum Safe Speed No
Vehicle Flipped Yes
Vehicle Airborne No

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