Slot Sidearm
Weapon Type Burst-Fire Revolver
Weapon Rating Star Star Star Star Star
Damage High
Fire Rate High
Range Medium
Stability Low
Reload Speed Fast
Ammo Capacity 6|360
Price Free (Included in the CyberPunk Pack DLC)
Appears in Watch Dogs

The Auto-6 is a pistol that appears in Watch Dogs. It comes exclusive with the CyberPunk Pack DLC.


It is a red revolver described as "a powerful one-handed weapon". The design and construction of the gun is identical to the M8-M. The model, however, lacks any hardware to reduce recoil.


The gun fires a 3-round burst, with high damage per round. The gun is better suited for taking down a larger number of targets quickly. It has high recoil with the third shot usually missing unless aimed low before firing. The Auto-6 also has a faster burst rate than the Chrome.


  • M8-M (Standard)
  • Chrome (3-round burst)
  • Auto-6 (Upgraded 3-round burst)



  • It is one of twelve 5-star weapons in Watch Dogs.


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