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Auntie Shu Boys Gang Types

The Auntie Shu Boys is a Chinese-American faction gang that appears in Watch Dogs 2. They appear to be based on the various Chinese-American gangs in San Francisco.


The Auntie Shu Boys formed in the '90s after the collapse of the previous Triad, taking members from the various Chinatown gangs and Tongs. They are unique, a mix of organized crime and street gang, with Chinese and Vietnamese members. They do everything from stealing cars to selling drugs to committing sophisticated white-collar crimes. For human trafficking, the Auntie Shu Boys act as brothel enforcers for Chinese Triads that ship women to them. They've taken over North Beach, keeping the Italian feel intact and even encouraging the perception that the Mafia is still active when they are really running everything.

Gang Attack

  • Level 1: One gunman armed with handgun and one armed with submachine gun.
  • Level 2: N/A
  • Level 3: N/A



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