Auntie Shu
Portrait of Auntie Shu
Full name Unknown
Status Unknown
Born in China
Nicknames Auntie Shu
Affiliation(s) Auntie Shu Boys
Profession Gang leader
Other(s) Unnamed nephew
Appears in Watch Dogs 2
Mentioned Shanghaied
Auntie Shu is an unseen character in Watch Dogs 2. She is the leader of the Auntie Shu Boys.


Auntie Shu is never seen or heard during the game, but there are two audio files, describing some of her features and personality, in addition to a portrait of her, all accessible during the mission Shanghaied. In the files, her own nephew speaks of a ruthless killer and strategist who hides her criminal life from the public eye with a charming and kind attitude. The portrait, along with the first file nearby, is located in the offices of the Import Export Intl. Shipping Company on Gold Street, Chinatown (a hangout for the gang on and off-missions), covering a safe.

Audio Files

My Auntie Shu #1

"So yeah... Auntie Shu, she's my real Auntie Shu. Until I was about 12, she was always this sweet old lady who would always come over with a tray of food, take care of us when we were sick, or pick us up from detention. She was like this Chinese version of the Tweety-Bird granny. Tiny, soft-spoken. Kind. You can imagine how fucked up I was when I saw her take some thug's face off with a meat cleaver."

My Auntie Shu #2

"There are two Auntie Shus. If you're on the side of the law, or a child, you're going to meet the Auntie Shu who speaks soft, broken "Engrish" like the worst kind of Hollywood stereotype. She's going to apologize for interrupting. She's going to take up as little space as possible, arms to her sides, head bowed. The very definition of harmless. But when I turned 13 and was initiated into the Shu Boys, I got to meet the real Auntie. She stands straight as a board. She's efficient. Calculating. Any warmth in her face is gone--it might as well be a tombstone. She speaks flawless English, and in a voice that tells you "you fuck up, you disappear". I've seen her personally kill at least a dozen guys... some of them three times her size. She doesn't fight fair...she fights brutal. She makes an example. My real Auntie Shu... the scariest person I know. I love this woman."


  • On the second audio file, the voice says "... meet the real Auntie", although in the subtitles it is transcribed as " my real Auntie".
  • The portrait in the office is most likely an old image of Auntie Shu, since her nephew describes her as being an old lady. The tattoos she possesses resemble typical Chinese Triad imagery.