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App Shop

App logo.

The App Shop is an app on Marcus Holloway's smartphone in Watch Dogs 2.


The App Shop allows Marcus to download new apps. The UI is a series of tiles showing the name and icon of each application, with the price showing (unless it's owned, in which case the price is replaced with a check mark). Each app has its own page with a description, and a series of pictures showing the app, that the player can scroll through. Buying an app is just pressing and holding a button and then a short simulated download bar will activate. The apps use in-game money, not real money.

List of apps

App Price
Contacts Free
Director's Cut $4.00
Driver SF $3.00
SongSneak $4.00
Car On Demand $5.00
Nudle Maps Free
DedSec App Unknown
ScoutX $6.00
Media Player $3.00

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