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Angelo Tucci
Full name Angelo Tucci
Status Deceased
Died 2013
Cause of death Killed by Aiden Pearce
Nationality American
Affiliation(s) Chicago South Club
Profession Private contractor
Rank Veteran
Appears in Watch Dogs
First mention Not the Pizza Guy
Last appeared A Wrench in the Works
The prison job... It's Angelo Tucci. He's running a convoy. It's too late. You'll never find him.
―Lance Brenner, talking about Angelo.

Angelo "Angie" Tucci is a character in Watch Dogs.


Angelo is hired by a member of the Chicago South Club to kidnap Raul Lionzo, a criminal with knowledge of Aiden Pearce's identity as the Vigilante, and deliver him for interrogation. Pearce learns of the plot through his Fixer associate, Jordi Chin, and tracks down one of Angelo's associates, Lance Brenner, from whom he learns that Angelo and his men plan to secure Lionzo by posing as federal contractors transferring him to court. By hacking the phone of Angelo's niece, Helena Tucci, Pearce deduces his location and intercepts the convoy, killing Angelo (or knocking him out) and his Fixers seconds before they could reach the jailhouse.

Mission Appearances


  • According to his CTOS profile, he works as a private contractor, has a median income of at least $195,600, and won the 1998 Illinois state chess tournament.