Angela Balik is an unseen character in Watch Dogs. Her name and voice can be heard on various audio recordings in every Blume Corporation mobile hideout. She is one of the people who tested the Bellwether code on CTOS.

Audio Log

"So, I've been working on my own 'Hello World' for the Bellwether to see if it's really as insidious as I suspect it is. Does the Fibonacci sequence mean anything to you? It's always been one of my favorites. I'm going to throw the Fibonacci numbers out there -- Bellwether should predict where they can have the most subliminal influence, saturating the city within days. The ctOS will then monitor for impact. If I see instances of those numbers echo back throughout the city -- everything I've feared will be in motion. At that point, I'm sending proof to DedSec and they can do whatever they do to make things right."