Always On
Side Mission
Appears in Watch Dogs 2
Followers gained 27,000
Primary target Cindy

Always On is a Side Operation in Watch Dogs 2.


Privacy 101

When Marcus eavesdrops on an audio conversation, he finds that Sitara's niece, Cindy, is being gossiped about for live streaming from her webcam under her username DanceBoo01. Marcus calls Sitara to tell her about her niece, and she suggests that Marcus teaches Cindy a lesson by hacking into her webcam. Sitara gives Marcus her address which is located west of the Painted Ladies. Marcus then hacks the CTOS box and gains access to her webcam.

Cindy is dancing for a person named "JonBoy415" as Marcus infiltrates her cam, and hacks into either her tablet to change to her brother's metal music or her lamp to darken the room. If either one are done 3 times, Cindy will get angry and start freaking out in front of her webcam, embarrassing herself in front of JonBoy415. After the hack, Marcus informs Sitara that the job is done and she thanks him. She suggests making a package for online safety and asks Marcus if DedSec is considered cool. He sighs and responds with an uncertain answer.


Privacy 101
  • Objective: Hack into Cindy Nonstop's stream
  • Brief: Sitara's niece runs a 24/7 stream called Cindy Nonstop. She believes her devices are 100% secure, but she's vulnerable to online predators. If we don't step in, someone else will.

Intercepted Texts

When hacking the civilian to unlock this mission, a text chat will appear:

"You talking about Cindy Nonstop?"

"Yeah, she's nuts. Streaming 24/7.

That's just asking to be stalked."

"Plus, people are gross. That's a fact. Can't hide it from a cam."

"I hear she doesn't. LOL"


  • The song Cindy dances to in the beginning of her stream is "Get, Set, Go" by Seaside. The song that Cindy dances to for JonBoy415 is "Forever in Love" by Nikki Flores.