The Alone outfit

Alone is a clothing outfit that appears in Watch Dogs. It can be acquired by completing the Alone digital Trip.


The Alone outfit appears to be made for stealth, and as such is comprised of:

  • A black and grey trenchcoat with the word "A10n3" (Alone in Leet / 1337) beneath a caution sign across the back of the right shoulder (with the tip of the caution sign being slightly visible on the front), both in a light grey color, and a reddish-brown interior.
  • A black cap with the "Fox" logo on the front.
  • A dark grey quilted, button-up vest.
  • A pair of grey corduroy pinstripe pants.
  • A pair of black gloves.
  • A pair of black shoes with reddish-brown accents.
  • A black neck warmer scarf with light grey markings.

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