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Alcatraz Island is a World Location in Watch Dogs 2.


Alcatraz Island is located in the middle of the bay. It can only be reached by boat or by fast traveling there via a kiosk.


Alcatraz Island is an island holding a notorious abandoned prison. The outside of the island is very run down with untamed plants and broken buildings. A small tower can be also be found in the front. Many small roads and sidewalks are outlined on the island for visitors to pass through. A small recreational area holds a kiosk, a bathroom and other assortments. Unlike most locations, Marcus may freely access the inside of the prison, even the roof. Inside a tour guide is available, describing the horror of the incidents that had occurred there. The island is mildly active during the day and inactive during the night. Alcatraz provides a stunning view of San Francisco along with the rest of the Bay Area. There are two restricted areas, one northeast of the island in the construction area and one inside the run down building near the water tower.

World Location Summary

An infamous prison, known for being nearly impossible to escape. It figures prominently in many movies. The prison sits on an island just off San Francisco, surrounded by treacherous currents.


  • Drone race in front yard.
  • Research point on top of front tower.
  • Key Data; Speed Boost, inside tunnel on the roof.
  • Clothing item in northeast restricted area.
  • Clothing item in restricted run down building.
  • One Money Bag inside of northeast restricted area, insie water tunnel.
  • One Money Bag inside northeast restricted area, behind wood in main building.


  • One prison themed tourist kiosk.


  • The location and the prison is based on the real life Alcatraz Island.
  • This location appears in the online mission (Un)lawful (Dis)order.
  • If Police are called while in Alcatraz, police officers will spawn around the island. Police boats may also spawn if the player or NPC is near the shore.

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