Abigail Vega
Full name Abigail Vega
Status Unknown
Age Unknown
Spouse(s) Maurice Vega (husband)
Appears in Watch Dogs (unseen)

Abigail "Abbie" Vega is a character mentioned in Watch Dogs. She is Maurice Vega's wife.


Maurice met and married Abbie when he was still a hitman working for the Chicago South Club. At first, Maurice was anxious to leave the Club and start a new life with his wife. Unfortunately, the Club would not allow this and began to blackmail him, saying they were following him (to the point of listing what he bought at a local grocer) and threatening to kill his wife. Maurice finally cracked when he was brought along on a beating to be shown an example of people who upset the Club and, while continuously beating the man, the other gangsters inquired about his wife.

Maurice went back to work for the Club. His first job went well with no altercations, much to his surprise. However, he failed his next job, the Merlaut Job, leading to him being forced to carry out a hit on Aiden Pearce, ultimately setting the events of the game's story in motion.

As he drove along and caught up with Aiden's van, he spotted an innocent young Lena Pearce in the vehicle. Unable to bring himself to shooting Aiden in the head, he instead shot out the tires. Aiden and Jackson Pearce survived the crash but Lena did not. When the Club learned of Maurice's failure, his wife was kidnapped and put up for auction in the human trafficking ring. Afterwards, Maurice was left alone by the Club and allowed to live out his life, despite Maurice no longer seeing a point in doing so, an outcome which was most likely the Club's intention.

Abbie is only mentioned in the Burner Phones audio logs found throughout Chicago. Her fate is never revealed, as she is not seen at the auction during A Risky Bid. She could've been already sold or was rescued when Aiden led the police to the auction.