A Wrench in the Works
A Wrench in the Works
Story Mission
Game Watch Dogs
Part of story Act 1, Mission 11
Target Angelo Tucci
Unlocked by completing Not The Pizza Guy
Unlocks Dressed in Peels
"This time I have a name. Helena Tucci. She's related to a guy I'm after."
―Aiden to Clara over the phone.

A Wrench in the Works is the 11th storyline mission in Watch Dogs. Completion of this mission is required to access the Breakthrough Pack, the Signature Shot Pack, the Palace Pack, and White Hat Hacker single player DLC missions.


As Aiden takes the name "Angelo Tucci" from Lance Brenner, he calls Clara to find one of his relatives, Helena Tucci. When Aiden finds her, he calls her phone to make a fake call. As the call ends, Aiden waits and hacks Helena's phone again and hears that Angelo gets out his house and coming to the Palin Correctional Center to take the prisoner he needs. Aiden kills Angelo and the mission ends.

Mission objectives

  • Use the profiler to find Angelo Tucci's niece.
  • Hack the niece's phone.
  • Kill Angelo Tucci before he reaches the prison.
  • Eliminate Angelo Tucci before he escapes.
  • Kill Angelo's allies or escape.

Strategy tips

You can try to turn this mission into a road chase, but that is not necessary. You can see Tucci's route on the map, so you can wait for him at one of the crossroads. Hacking the traffic lights will stop the convoy. You can use the blackout ability if you have that already. Wait behind some obstacle (a bus stop would be ideal), so nobody sees you with a gun. When he comes into your view, use the Focus ability and the job is done. Another method would be to buy a grenade launcher to shoot cars and blow them up easily.

Have a car ready nearby though, as Angelo has many friends who won't let you escape easily.


  • It's possible to find Aisha Tyler in this mission, in the same general area as Helena.

Video Walkthrough


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