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A High Price to Pay
Side Mission
Appears in Watch Dogs 2
Unlocked by Walk In The Park
Followers gained 27,000
Primary target Gene Carcani

A High Price to Pay is a Side Operation in Watch Dogs 2.


In order to scam Gene Carcani, Marcus heads to San Mateo to sneak into Bobo Dakes' residence to steal the unreleased track. Sitara uses the track to create a soundboard to deceive Gene Carcani until he sends the money. Marcus physically hacks into a CTOS box to watch the show. After he sends the money, the DedSec logo appears on his television and the stream is cut off, and Gene is arrested.


Sneak Peek

  • Objective: Hack Bobo Dakes's phone in San Mateo
  • Brief: In order to scam pharmaceutical baron Gene Carcani, we're going to need proof that we're Bobo Dakes. Meaning we need to swipe an unreleased track from the guy. You can find him in San Mateo.

Chump Change

  • Objective: Hack into Gene Carcani's mansion
  • Brief: Carcani has been waiting for a call from Bobo Dakes to seal the exclusive record deal. Why don't we trick him into thinking he's got it and then kick him in the wallet?

Audio Files

The only audio file present in this mission is a sample of a Bobo Dakes' song, the file is called Audio file: Bobo Dakes Sample.


  • When DedSec is scamming Carcani, the Bobo Dakes voice decoy says "Bitch better have my money", a reference to Rihanna's song of the same name. The voice also says "They say God made man in his own image. But God made himself in Bobo's image", a possible reference to Kanye West's claims and interviews about God and himself.