Watch Dogs White Hat Pack Add On Part Two ALT10:35

Watch Dogs White Hat Pack Add On Part Two ALT

ALT is an exclusive mission in Watch Dogs, part of the White Hat Pack.


Just like in the previous mission, you have to steal some data (from a speeding vehicle), finish off/escape the fixers and deliver the data to DedSec's upload point. The only difference between ALT and CTRL is the fact that after you upload the stolen data, the cops will chase after you.


  • DedSec: We need more access data to continue our attack.
  • Aiden Pearce: Why do you guys have such a hard-on for Umeni?
  • DedSec: Former Umeni engineers rotted in prison while the suits turned it into a billion dollar operation. Balance restoration is in progress.
  • Aiden: And some of those guys became DedSec. I get it. Let's find the next data set.

After uploading data

  • DedSec: Excellent.
  • Aiden: You know that voice filter makes you sound like a villain.
  • DedSec: We are only what we must be. The next package awaits.


  • The names of the four missions in this pack are a reference to the combination of keys pressed (CTRL, ALT, DELETE) to perform an emergency shutdown (SHUTDOWN) of the Windows operating system in case a normal shutdown cannot be done.
  • If you finish the last mission (SHUTDOWN), you will be given an extra battery.
  • Reinforcements are called around 40% into downloading the data.

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