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3D Printer

The 3D Printer in the DedSec HQ.

The 3D Printer is a main feature in Watch Dogs 2.


Located in any of the 4 hackerspaces in the Bay Area, Marcus Holloway uses an advanced 3D printer that can print with metal to create his gadgets and weapons, so all of his weapons and gear are made from this printer. The printer is also capable of granting him certain upgrades, and reprinting current weapons with new colors. On the printer itself, there is art of a unicorn farting a rainbow and the words "MAGIC BOX" stapled on the outside. When in the menu for printing, the name "Solidbox 2550" is displayed.

3D Printer Items

Item Cost In-game description
RC Jumper $0 Lets Marcus collect pickups and hack CTOS boxes remotely.
Quadcopter $67,500 Should be the first thing Marcus buys, because it can easily let him scout the area.
2EZ Stun Gun $0 Knocks out most enemies instantly with 1 non lethal shot if within range, can be upgraded to knock out enforces with 1 shot instead of 2.
4N00bs Pistol $0 Use this sparingly
Core Dump Pistol $40,500 A hand pistol with usable scope, this gun is mostly silent.
Help Desk Denial Pistol $45,900 For close-combat shredding only.
DOT EXE Rifle $18,900 Good range, but bad precision. Spray and see!
DOT FILE Rifle $43,200 Quick bursts and does an autohack afterward.
HHoS Rifle $86,400 Good, precise, long-range tagging but noisy.
Zero Day Rifle $99,900 Use this all the time; almost silent.
END Sniper $64,800 Use sparingly, at distance.
Spear Phish Sniper $24,300 Use sparingly, at extreme distances.
YourBoySerge Sniper $70,200 The best sniper rifle; use at distance.
Bullet Hell Shotgun $13,500 Your first shotgun. Better than the enemy’s.
DDoS Shotgun $40,500 Penetrates materials and does an autohack afterward.
Goodbye, World Shotgun $43,200 Full-auto blasting for the toughest close foes.
CTRL-ALT-DEL Launcher $105,300 Good for causing mass carnage.
WTB Stun Launcher $118,800 Good for knocking out a close group of guards, but will make some noise either way. (Warning: Don't use in from behind high cover or the weapon will kill Marcus despite being non-lethal.)
Protocol Pistol (DLC) $0 A golden gun. Guns for show. Tasers for a pro.


  • As of update 1.08, all enemy guns are also available from the 3D Printers.